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Wrinkle Free Dress Shirts: Knowhow and Tips

September 24, 2018

While some don’t mind having a schlumpy look with creases on their dress shirt after a long day of work, others prefer looking sharp 24/7 with little or no wrinkle at all. If you belong to the later group, below is some interesting knowhow about wrinkle free that may help you picking the right shirt.

Wrinkle Resistant Dress Shirt by Onefit

There are two types of “wrinkle free” shirts in the market: Wrinkle Free and Wrinkle Resistant.

Wrinkle Free

Wrinkle free dress shirts, sometimes known as non-iron, can come out the washer or dryer wrinkle free and no ironing is required at all. They also stay crisp-looking throughout the day as you wear them.

Such result is done by bonding the cotton fibers together at cellular level through a specialized treatment. The wrinkle free effect usually lasts for about 30 washes.

Wrinkle Resistant

You may think of wrinkle resistant as a step-down version of wrinkle free. While wrinkle resistant fabric doesn’t come out the washer or dryer wrinkle free, it comes with an easy-to-iron character and shows less creases throughout the day comparing to fabrics that haven’t gone through any wrinkle free or resistant treatment.

The process involves the use of liquid ammonia to expand the cellular walls of the cotton fibers to give them a round finishing, thus giving the fabrics a smooth and shiny surface, along with wrinkle resistant feature:

Cotton fiber structure before (top images) and after (bottom images) liquid ammonia treatment. Source: Elisabete Frollini, Universidade de São Paulo

So Wrinkle Free or Wrinkle Resistant?

While the answer is a matter of personal preference, our team prefers wrinkle resistant over wrinkle free, due to the higher breathability of wrinkle resistant dress shirts. In other words, we favor the right balance between comfort and functionality offered by wrinkle resistant dress shirts.

Some of our dress shirts feature wrinkle resistant fabrics, check them out!

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