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Mother of Pearl Buttons on Dress Shirt: Why They Matter

September 24, 2018

Consider there are about 7 buttons lined up at the center front of your shirt, undoubtedly they have a huge visual impact to your overall look. While dress shirts available in the market mostly have plastic resin buttons on them, high quality dress shirt makers tend to use Mother of Pearl buttons for an extra elegant touch.

Eye-Catching and Unique

The Mother of Pearl buttons’ semi-shiny surface, pairing with a pale tint of off-white, add an eye-catching element to your dress shirt that regular plastic resin buttons can never come close:

Mother of Pearl Buttons on High Quality Dress Shirt - Onefit

They are are made from the inner layer of different types of shells: mussels, oysters, abalones and so on. As every shell is unique, so are the buttons made from them!


Mother of Pearl buttons are durable in a sense that they do not dissolve after repeated washes, while plastic resin buttons do due to reaction with detergent. However, they can be fragile under excessive physical pressure. If your dress shirt has Mother of Pearl buttons on them, be sure to wash it with extra care and never use a dryer.


The major reason of why Mother of Pearl buttons are uncommon is their cost. Apart from high raw material cost, scrap cost is also very significant, considering that each Mother of Pearl button is unique and its color may be off-standard. All together, a Mother of Pearl button is approximately 8 to 10 times more expensive than a regular plastic resin button. Nonetheless, they give you a feel of exclusiveness by having them on your shirt!

What we have to offer

Despite higher cost, as quality is at the heart of our team, all of our dress shirts come with Mother of Pearl buttons, and we give you 2 spare ones in case they crack or you have lost any of the ones on the shirt. Shop from our collection now!

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