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Taped Seams on Dress Shirt: The Ultimate Solution to Puckering

September 24, 2018

If those puckers on your dress shirts bother you, here’s a solution: Get a pucker-free shirt with taped seams.

What are Taped Seams?

With taped seams, the seams will stay flat throughout the shirt’s lifecycle and your shirt will look just like brand new every time you wear it. This feature is achieved by inserting a tape into the seams and compressing it so the two pieces of fabrics are “glued” together. The process requires specialized machines and moulds and extra labor, which makes taped seams a rare feature in the dress shirt market.

Pucker-Free Dress Shirt with Taped Seams by Onefit

What we have to offer

As we position ourselves as your dress shirt expert, we invest heavily in our production process to make sure things are done right. We are excited to tell you that taped seams are now featured in our latest collection and will become a standard feature of our products going forward. Shop now!

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