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Quality and Comfort Start With Construction

September 24, 2018

A high quality dress shirt is all about the details. To ensure your favorite dress shirt lasts you through all those special events and stays looking fresh, it’s important that it’s well constructed. There are two subtle, yet important details that impact the durability of a dress shirt: Single needle stitching and gussets.

Single Needle Stitching

Single needle stitching uses one needle, and only one line of stitching is visible from the outside of the dress shirt. In comparison, double needle stitching, typically used on general shirts in the market, utilizes two needles and two parallel stitches are visible from the outside of the shirt.

Single needle stitching creates a smoother, stronger seam. Not only will your shirt hold together better with this technique, it is also more comfortable because of the absence of thread loops that are formed by double needle stitching. Plus, it gives the shirt a cleaner finish and is less prone to puckering relative to double needle stitching.

Because this process is labor-intensive -- one line of stitching is sewn and then the fabric must be folded over itself and sewn again -- most brands don’t put the extra time and money into this small detail. However, it makes a huge difference and will make the shirt (and you) look more polished.

Single Needle Seam on Dress Shirt by Onefit

Side Seam Gussets

Another important detail in high quality shirts is gussets. Gussets are small triangular pieces of fabric sewn to the bottom of side seams. They reinforce the side seams, which are high-stress areas that can be ripped from repeated tucking and untucking and washing.

For men who like to look suave, but don’t want to sacrifice quality or comfort, well-constructed dress shirts are fundamental. They’ll last longer and be able to keep up with your versatile social scene. Whether you need to make an impression on an important client or dance the night away at a wedding, a high quality shirt won’t let you down.

What we have to offer:

With Onefit, you won’t have to worry about itchy stitching or weak seams. All of our shirts feature single needle stitching and reinforcing gussets, because the extra time and effort pays off when you get to put on a shirt that looks and feels incredible. Get a shirt from us to experience the difference!

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